6 Things You’ll Learn From Your Trip to Las Vegas

Viva, Las Vegas.There’s perhaps nowhere as iconic in the USA as the party capital of the world. While you’re in Vegas you’ll experience a lot – and, naturally, with life experiences come life lessons. Here are six things you’ll learn from your trip to Las Vegas.


The value of money

This might sound slightly paradoxical, given the primary purpose of being in Las Vegas is to blow huge stacks of cash on frivolous pursuits, but the reality is gambling teaches you just how important money really is.

Okay, we’re not suggesting you should value your financial wellbeing over things like your family or loved ones, but the stark reality is money makes the world go round.

That sinking feeling you get after staking £200 and losing it all on a single hand of blackjack reminds you currency – or the lack thereof – is what goes a long way to determining your standard of living. Hopefully you can remember that before blowing your month’s wage on the slot machines.

Your healthcare system is amazing

Until you travel to a nation like the US – who don’t have a free healthcare system – you might be forgiven for taking your personal well-being for granted.

Brits know if something goes wrong, expert medical care will be on hand, and all completely free.That’s just not the case in the US, and only after you’ve handed over the $500 consultation fee are you allowed to be put in the waiting room queue.

Things often go wrong when there’s lots of booze and people around, so a trip to the emergency room isn’t off the cards in Vegas.When that does happen, you’ll suddenly realise just how fantastic your domestic system really is.

It’s incredibly hot there

Perhaps this isn’t a life lesson, but it’s still something you’ll learn when you’re out in Nevada for a holiday.

Vegas is, after all, situated right in the middle of the Mojave Desert – a huge expanse of rough terrain which encompasses a large proportion of southern California, as well as chunks of Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

With sweltering temperatures, it’s important to remember to drink lots of water (alcohol might seem like a good substitute, but it won’t keep you hydrated).

Whether you have self-control or not

This is a somewhat scary thing to find out in the heat of the moment, but a trip to Las Vegas really will teach you whether you have self-control.

It’s easy once you get into a rut at the blackjack table to keep throwing money at the problem – but it takes a special kind of reserve to cut your losses and move on.

Similarly, when you’re winning it can be hard to catch yourself and walk away with a healthy profit (before you fritter it all away again).

In moments like this you’ll find out if you’re the type of person who’s able to manage themselves or let their emotions get the better of them.

It’s not as fun as you think it is

While the adverts will make it seem like one of the most fun places in the world, the reality is Las Vegas – like most places – isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be.

Flashing neon lights are pretty enough, but when you look past them you’ll realise the strip is actually just a little bit too plastic.

On top of that, the casinos in the region continue to make an insane amount of money every year for a reason – they’re taking it from the pockets of the people who visit.

We’re not saying you won’t have fun in Vegas – you will. But the promotional videos making it look like the most amazing place on Earth are a little bit hyperbolic.

Home is where the heart is

Sure, the glitz and glamour is fun for a day or two, but after a week of finding yourself surrounded by drunken people gambling away their money, nothing could make you look forward more to the comforts of home.

Again, this isn’t something you necessarily need to go to Vegas to discover, but owing to the extreme nature of the strip, relaxing in your nice warm bed will be made all the more comforting.

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