5 Best Bars for Night Time Fun in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is characterized by its Tex-Mex culture; the city exudes a Latin American charm that is hard to resist. Its famous riverwalk takes you past many hot spots like cafés and shopping facilities, inter alia. Beyond that, there are many cheap hotels in San Antonio offering you more for your money and ready to make your stay a pleasant one. But let’s talk nightlife. These are the best spots to hit after the sun has set.

Image via  Flickr

Image via Flickr

The Friendly Spot

The Friendly Spot does its name justice. It is an outdoor bar perfect for warm summer nights. Bring a bunch of friends, choose from more than 200 types of beers, and watch sports games in a laid-back atmosphere. This place is for anyone seeking a relaxed, fun night out with friends. You’ll find this bar located right in the historic King William District and if you get hungry, I have good news: they have a pretty great menu, too.

Hot Joy

Immediately, the name has you curious. Hot Joy is one of the most popular places to be after the sun has set and they offer you the perfect mix: ice-cold cocktails and spicy food. What a winner. This is not for the faint-hearted in any respect as you’ll find yourself surrounded by a mix of bright colors, a buzzing atmosphere, and food and drinks that will send your senses on a roller-coaster ride. This spot makes for a vibrant night.

The Esquire

The Esquire opened in 1933 and brings you award-winning cocktails. What’s not to like about this? Go alone or with friends, it doesn’t matter, for you’ll dive into a diverse crowd, which means you’ll most definitely find someone to talk to in this eclectic place. Drinks make you hungry, so don’t forget to try their bison burgers. The Esquire also features the longest Texan bar top. If that’s not reason enough to give it a shot, what is?


Short for to be confirmed, this San Antonian bar is one of its kind. Going there will always be a surprise because you never know what awaits you, food-and-drink-wise. Their craft cocktails and bar snacks vary often but one thing is for sure: you will not be disappointed. Enjoy your glassful of surprise inside or out on the terrace, it’s up to you. Who doesn’t love a pleasant surprises?

Cowboys Dancehall

If you want to live it up the Texan way hit the Cowboys Dancehall and you’ll be guaranteed a fun night. Grab a drink at one of the many bars, shake it off on the dance floors or learn how to dance the famous Texas two-step - lessons are free of charge. Or how about a casual round of rodeo?

During the day, enjoy activities in San Antonio and sit back (or move) at night - but in the right place. These top five places offer something for everyone. Whether you like it fancy, laid-back or a little funky, you can get it all, whatever you prefer. There’s nothing better than finishing off the day with a chilled drink, nice people, and tasty food, right?

This post was written in collaboration with Hipmunk in the course of the Hipmunk City Love project.