4th of July: A Toast to ‘Merica’s Independence


Besides my first Memorial Day spent in the U.S. a little while ago, Independence Day is another one of those “real American holidays”. Well, obviously. Independence and such. That sure is a big deal. 

July 4, back in 1776, marks the independence of what would become the United States of America. U.S. citizens are mostly very patriotic and thus this holiday is a precious one to them (I could tell not just from the decoration aka American flags everywhere). 

This year, Independence Day was on a Monday. 

The weekend of the 4th people usually spend with friends and family if possible (drinking being merry), BBQing, and, specifically here in San Diego, hanging out  at the beach and having bonfires here and there.

Private fireworks are prohibited, and so folks gather on the evening of the 4th in order to watch fireworks go off - in Ocean Beach, by the harbor, Seaworld throws down a show etc. This day mostly goes hand in hand with thanking the veterans and active military folks for the protection of the country and thus America’s freedom: 

Home of the free because of the brave.

On the side of main streets you see decorations, specifically American flags lined up. I don’t know what it is, but this gives me a very warm, fuzzy feeling deep down inside. Americans love their country and they show it - on a daily basis even. Something about it is way different than in Germany - it unites them. 

On a beautiful Saturday night, I was lucky to go to the San Diego Symphony throwing down a show right by the harbor. It was a very entertaining, touching, patriotic event in the run-up to Independence Day. American songs were played, hymns on the greatness of the land were sang and even the military folks were honored with a special musical piece - Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, U.S. Coast Guards (did I forget something?). And guess what? Everyone who has served or still active in the military had to stand up to be honored. 

This sure has been a very memorable event, something that had me smile all evening.

On Sunday, the main gym squad Uber-ed to the famous Del Mar Fair. Holy mother, that food! Lovin’ fried stuff? This fair would be for you (hope you have a die hard stomach). Fried burger, fried avocado, fried everything. Oh, ya, and then the frozen chocolate covered cheesecake. Yum!

Cheerfully, we made our way through the crowd, watched pig races (they were named Trump and Clinton and whatnot), people playing all kinds of random games, screaming their souls out on sick rides (I got sweaty hands just by seeing that), and stuffing themselves with sugar candy at its finest. All paleo. All gluten free. Of course. 

Oh, hey there, look what we found. I was initially walking right by and not even noticing it, until Michelle was eager to take a photo. Good one. 

I had to steal these pictures - kidding, they were sent to me, I swear - because I didn’t get up there. 

You know, fairs are fun, but I am really not much of a roller coaster and carousel person, as I like to keep my feet securely on the ground (minus that one time I went skydiving whoops). 

The humanity crew couldn’t resist a picture. Because you know, if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen, or something like that. 

We had a super fun-filled few hours and as the sun had set, we tried more ‘healthy’ foods, and then we were eventually worn out from the sun, feet started to hurt, and so a cinnamon bun with a truck load of frosting seemed like the best way to finish off this Sunday.  

Monday, the actual 4th of July, was spent at the beach in the morning and BBQing with my lovely Annelie in the evening. It was a quiet day and I feel like everyone was worn out from the two active days before already. And so we walked up the hill from the house around 9 pm to watch the fireworks going off everywhere. It was a nice finishing touch to this great weekend, spent in a wonderful city, surrounded by even better people. 

Cheers to you, ‘Merica.