Venturing Out: 4 Reasons to Live Abroad

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Having lived the expat life in southern California for more than three and a half years, I found myself reflect upon the benefits of a life abroad recently. And there are certainly many. In this quick post, I wanted to share my personal four reasons why I said “yes” to living in another country - and why you should, too.

Living Abroad

Embracing the Unknown to Allow for New Doors to Open

I gave the unknown a chance.

It’s not just this fuzzy feeling, the adrenaline running through your body, the pure excitement after having officially said and decided: “I’m doing it, I’m moving abroad!” It’s especially, right in this moment, the very realization that one is pretty brave and courageous to take the step towards the unknown - away from one’s comfort zone. But exactly this paves the way for new, wonderful life experiences.

I now have a different perspective on my home country.

Leaving my home country Germany behind allowed me to get a different perspective on the culture I grew up in and reflect upon my own cultural habits. It sure allows for a lot of perspective and is refreshing. I see this country and its culture in a whole different light.

My understanding of/for others has deepened.

I have become even more open-minded and sympathetic towards other people, their stories etc. I’ve learned to look deeper than just the surface; ask questions; try to understand better. Each of us has a story to tell - and that is so absolutely inspiring. There are so many different souls, especially here in the U.S. It allows me to expand my own horizons tremendously.

Living abroad showed me what I truly want in life.

I am also so much more appreciative of my family, for instance, who are not close (geographically) anymore. The distance helps to see many things in a whole different light. A new environment, people, and many new impressions add to this. I am learning to listen to my inner voice, more and more.

Venturing out into the world, packing your bags simply … because … or because of a specific reason: living abroad is the most enriching experience.

Where are you living in the world and why do you recommend one lives abroad?

Got something to share? Please leave a comment. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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