Lake Arrowhead, CA - Overnighter [Nostalgia]

Hello lovely people!

I love little overnight getaways. They are so refreshing, allow some time to breathe, and usually help get a slightly new perspective on (everyday) life. It’s a change of scenery that never hurts.

Now, it’s been a while since we’ve spent time in the mountains. This time, it was the whole (little) family of mine going and it was our 6-month old’s first trip up to higher elevation. Lake Arrowhead, CA is special in that last year over my birthday (and our first wedding anniversary), we spent three days inhaling the mountain air. We knew we wanted to come back.

Since it’s technically only a two and a half hour drive from San Diego, it makes for an ideal, laid-back overnighter. And it was time to get out again; we had itchy feet.


We left on Friday morning, packed up the truck (amazing how much more stuff you need when you travel with a baby even though he’s such a tiny human) and hit the road.

We took our time, stopped for coffee, and enjoyed the short road trip that ended up taking us longer than expected but that was totally fine; we weren’t in a rush. It was supposed to be a relaxed one and a half days, anyway. Basically a first trial: all of us getting away over night.

Around 3.30 pm ish, we finally arrived. Lake Arrowhead is one of those places that, so it seems, never gets crazy. Especially not during this time of the year. The moment you arrive, you feel at ease. At least that’s the case for me personally. Also, this time, I had a serious moment - or two - because I felt transported back in time.

In fact, time a funny thing. It keeps on ticking, yet, our minds are so easy to be thrown back into moments from the past - although we’re totally living in the present.

It’s amazing how places can transport you back to a certain moment in time. And not only that: It‘s incredible, also, how you can find yourself in the exact same moment with all the feelings and emotions it came with.


That particular Friday last week, Lake Arrowhead did that to me. Right when we arrived.

I was overwhelmed, super happy, and in touch with that time about a year and two months ago, roughly. It was my first time up there. We found out I was pregnant only a couple weeks before. And this time? We strolled around the lake with our little miracle...and past and present were colliding.

We stayed at the exact same place, the Saddleback Inn, which is great for dogs and a baby. They have cabins of different sizes. We booked one with two floors, as the bedroom upstairs allowed me to put Karl down in peace and quiet in the evening and then join my hubs downstairs before I hit the snooze button myself.


All we did was be outside, enjoy the fresh air and walk along the lake and through the woods. It was great. Totally rejuvenating and a little trip down memory lane.


A total success, our first overnighter as a family of three. Now, I am looking forward to more getaways in the future, in southern California and beyond.

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