Mindful Approach to Life

Happy Saturday, beautiful people!

If you’re tagging along on instagram, you’ll know that my bio says: “taking a mindful approach to life. “

It might resonate with some of you. But maybe you’re wondering: What exactly does that mean - mindful? You know, I am glad you’re asking because I’ve been wondering myself a little while ago. I have my personal definition of what “mindful approach to life” means in my understanding. And I would like to share it with you since “mindful” is a word we come across all too often these days.


Here is how I define it.

Putting Meaning Into All I Do

Making everything meaningful, putting purpose - ideally - in all I am doing is what I define as “mindful”. Basically, I am asking myself often: “Why am I doing what I am doing?” This is so I understand the deeper purpose, as a greater sense for my personal being, of/with all I am embarking on. Hence, this gives everything I do/touch more value and allows me to truly (although not always realistic) do what feels right for me. Ultimately, this helps me re-connect with my inner self and true intentions.

Active Awareness of the Moment

Seeing, feeling, embracing - the present moment. This is what “mindfulness” is in my understanding. I am trying to tune in with myself and listen to this inner voice of mine as I am “in the moment”, trying to not rush through it but notice and ideally appreciate it. Simply letting it be.

Noticing My Surroundings

Although this might sound a little cheesy, I try to really take in my environment in that I stop here and there and just look around for a few seconds. The palm tree leaves rocking in the wind; the birds twittering; the breeze coming from the ocean with its salty scent - just to mention a few simple things. This, in return, helps me feel gratitude for my current life, take a deep breath and remind myself (even - or especially - when life seems a little tough) that things aren’t too bad, in fact. Ultimately, I am in a better headspace.


Now that you know my personal little definition of mindfulness, it’s your turn:

What does being mindful mean to you?

Got something to share? Please leave a comment. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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