Spring Forward

Happy April Fools’ Day!

The sun is shining, the birds are twittering, and the clocks - here in Germany - were turned forward an hour on Saturday night. Deprived of another hour of sleep. Summer time has officially arrived over here. Guess the US were a little quicker as daylight saving happened three weeks ago already.

I have another week left in the German countryside and now the weather seems to be really getting nicer. It’s warmer. The temperatures rise and the sun is peeking out more. There is this certain smell in the air that I miss in San Diego. And there are no airplanes flying over the house (really enjoying this silence). I don’t know what it is - and yes, after three years in San Diego, I feel the seasons, they are just not as noticeable - but spring in Germany is such a wonderful time to me.

The blooming of a new season. Time to soak it in. Time to spring forward.

The blooming of a new season. Time to soak it in. Time to spring forward.

A New Season

All of a sudden, the trees and plants blossom, the birds re-discover their voices, and the grass keeps growing. Everyone has a spring in their step and peeks outside. Windows wide open, the backyard furniture out, and enjoying every ray of sunshine, soaking in the milder temps. There’s laughter in the air; everyone seems so much happier. (Germans can be a bit, ehem, unique but I blame it on the gray and cold winter months.)

It’s time to spring forward. A new season has arrived. Quite literally. The world is coming alive so it seems.

It’s the time for spring cleaning and for using this newly found energy to declutter (here’s a post that elaborates on it and that I wrote for the Better Business Babe a while back).

It’s the time for long walks and frolicking, making plans for the warmer months ahead.

It’s the time to leave the nest and explore, seeing the surroundings with new eyes.

A quiet moment during the early morning. Coffee in hand. Reflections.

A quiet moment during the early morning. Coffee in hand. Reflections.

Time to Spring Forward

But, it’s also the time to reflect upon what’s lying ahead. A peaceful, early spring morning, filled with the smell of coffee and thoughts that have yet to be organized.

Now, it’s time to leave the past behind and focus on the moment. What do you want to achieve? What burning desire is driving you? What motivates you to do this one thing you’ve been dying to do forever?

Spring is change. Spring - an accelerator to reach higher, to be able to “jump” up and forward, overcoming the doubts and fears you might have had.

It’s time to accomplish.

Spring has sprung. Will you follow?

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