3 Things I’ve Learned as a New Mom & How They Benefit My Writing Business

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Happy Friday. I’ve been hitting coffee shops all week to make the most of my available time while my hubby is on daddy duty for a few hours (works with his schedule). Since I am a morning person, anyway, we’re in perfect sync and when I take over my little boy again and Rickey gets ready for work, I have usually completed 80-90% of the work for the day.

Being a mom now requires extra planning when it comes to getting in the work hours. As mentioned in another post, living out my creative self is still a side of me that I cherish.

Since time is valuable (my coffee gets cold and I have about 30 minutes left before I have to head home and gladly slip into my mom shoes again), I will get straight to the point.

Here are three things my new role as a mother has taught me and how they actually benefit my writing business.

Time is valuable.

Checking out a local coffee shop: Kakawa Coffee.

Procrastination not encouraged. I am finding myself getting right to business and tick items - usually listed by priority - off the list. I have a designated time slot to work, so I better use it. I realized just how valuable time is now. Therefore, I am way more focused (blame it also on the caffeine) and work only on the tasks that need to be done. If I didn’t have a structure and clear vision for those 3-4 hours, I wouldn’t get anywhere and just waste precious time. Afterward, when the hand off happens, I feel accomplished and can enjoy the time with my little son. Win win.

I work more efficiently.

Fueled by caffeine.

Fueled by caffeine.

Since I use my time more efficiently and tell myself to concentrate, as I know how accomplished I feel if I actually get done what I need / want to chip away, my productivity is increasing. Who says you can’t get quality work done within a shorter amount of time? I now know it’s possible and all a matter of how I approach my work time. If I am all in, I get it all done.

My creativity gets a boost.

Evening ritual.

Evening ritual.

Having a little one and simply “doing life” with him requires a good amount of creativity itself. It starts with tying to get a diaper bag, baby, and grocery bags out of the car in one trip; cook somehow while this tiny human is attached to me because he didn’t want to be put down; oh, and catch sleep in the weirdest positions - just to mention a few things. So, naturally, I am getting a whole different perspective and my imagination knows no limitations. Naturally, this helps with the creative work I am doing. I think of things I probably wouldn’t have before.

My husband will get a new work schedule in a couple weeks, though, so that will ultimately change our routine. But, since change is the only constant and something that happens daily with a 13-week old, we’ll adjust, as well. I am sure. I’ll just be dependent on nap times and on my husband taking little man in the afternoon so I can get a couple more hours in.

Are you juggling baby and work?

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