Adventures on the Horizon

Hello fellow adventurers!

I hope this new year started off well for you all. What have you been up to? Are you sticking to your goals, resolutions, visions - whatever your might personally call it? Or maybe you’re just going with the flow? Actually, nothing wrong with that, either.

I’ve been over here in my creative mom bubble, creating content for JoinTheWorld’sBeauty; I absolutely love this work. Basically, I am working part-time at the moment, as this is about all I can handle with our little almost-11-week-old pretty much attached to me right now.

But what can I say? His sweet smiles make up for the exhaustion and the fact that work time currently equals me-time. Because quite frankly, my life is not thoroughly mine anymore and probably won’t be for the next few years.

Hence, why I am thankful for the opportunity to run my own little business and escape from my new identity as a mother for a few hours a day. Because my creative vein is still part of my old/current “Julia” identity. And after the creative work has been accomplished, I am returning to my mom-self even more refreshed. And the blown up diapers and spit-ups continue. (Wouldn’t want to have it any other way; it shows me just how much of type A me I need to let go.)

I am happy with how my husband and I are handling things. It’s not always easy, especially not when there’s no family around, but we’re winging it every day, trying to be the best parents possible.

Adventures with Karl - all The little things

“Adventure” gets a whole different meaning. Like, absolutely not knowing what each day - with a sweet babe - will bring. Or, getting out of the house. That’s a real adventure, in fact. Will we make it in time? What will happen on the way? You never know. Karl is always good for a surprise. But that keeps things interesting.

Other things, the little ones, such as going to the bathroom (yes, you heard it right), cooking, doing laundry or anything else around the house, are becoming adventures. This is because I need to think of creative ways to do all the things (because I cannot just sit on the couch or in the rocking chair, holding him all day) with a baby attached to me.

Talk about effort here. This really gets my creative juices flowing in ways I never imagined possible. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Karl is indeed my greatest inspiration. And I see that with the work I am doing, as well. So, thanks, sweet baby boy, for making the seemingly simple things in life a real adventure.

Adventure is how you define it

I see how true this is. It’s the everyday stuff that gets interesting, that I now see from a completely different perspective. It doesn’t have to be the big journey somewhere, or the cool experience away from home (although we’re planning on taking Karl places, especially the outdoors, of course). But for now, our adventures take place in the domestic sphere or within a 15 mile radius. And I am completely okay with it.

Now, what’s your big little adventure? Anything “on the horizon”?

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