Old Times - Making New Memories

Hello everyone!

The past few days, my friends from Germany, Eva and Jane, who I met back in 2013 when we all started our master's program in London, England, had been in town. They are currently on their 18-day west coast trip. I can't even recall the last time we'd seen each other, to be honest, but even though we live in three different countries (Germany, England, the U.S.), we have managed to keep in touch. And so I was very much looking forward to giving them a little taste of what our life looks like here in San Diego - and introduce them to my Rickey. 

We caught up on life and checked a few sights off the list. 

On Monday - Labor Day -, we spent the evening BBQing (Rickey's favorite) at our house. Burgers and hot dogs, what else? He had to give them the "real" American experience, at least a flavor of it. Literally. After chips and dips, beer (and water for me, the third trimester prego, haha), and a BBQ feast, we took the opportunity of having guests to turn on our fairy lights and light the fire pit. 

2018-09-05 04.23.42 1.jpg

I always ask myself why Rickey and I don't do that more often. I just love it. Hot chocolate or a chilled drink (soon wine again!), sitting by the fireside and just enjoying each other's company - bliss. 

But, that way it remains special, at least. 

We also could not not make s'mores. So, that's what we did. Yum! 

2018-09-05 04.23.42 2.jpg

It was a lovely, mild night. One of these moments that seem so insignificant but, in fact, will remain the most memorable ones. 

Our little stinker Pancho was happily snoozing on Rickey's lap. Spot him? 

S'mores. Stories. Laughter. We were happy campers. 

2018-09-05 02.51.57 1.jpg

This morning, before the four wanderers were on their way to Joshua Tree National Park, we met at Sunset Cliffs. The sun was out and they certainly could not leave without seeing our "backyard".

We walked along the cliffs for a while, chatted, saw Andi (down there) get his new shoes soaked (whoopsie), and laughed at little adventure doggo's ears making him almost take off. 

Then, it was time to say "see you soon" and wave goodbye as they hit the road. We got a wee bit jealous. Almost two more weeks of road tripping through the west of the U.S. Not bad. And they will have so much fun. 

Even though my third trimester fatigue had a good grip on me the past few days, it was wonderful to see the four of them. It really meant a lot that they made the way out here. 

See you soon, "London ladies". 

And, fun fact: Having visitors in town always makes me realize just how lucky I am to be living in San Diego. We have such a great "backyard". The quality of life, the outdoors opportunities, the weather - it's simply great. No matter where you live, you'll get into a routine and there will be something like everyday life. 

Thus, I think it's so important to actively appreciate what you have. Friends from out of town help put things into perspective. 

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