Reflection: Currently on the West Coast ...

Hello friends!

I am hoping you've all be doing great and staying cool wherever you are. Although I love living in San Diego, the current heat is draining. I have a couple projects that keep me busy, which I am grateful for, but when it's this hot outside, it's sometimes hard to focus. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate is what I keep telling myself - and a refreshing swim in the pool helps, as well. 

I love being outside in our backyard. "Plant lady" is the new cat lady. Trying to get my green thumb on because really, plants just make me so happy. I can't be the only one!

I love being outside in our backyard. "Plant lady" is the new cat lady. Trying to get my green thumb on because really, plants just make me so happy. I can't be the only one!

Creative Flow + Beauty of Self-Employment

The other night I was trying to tick as many things off the list as I possibly could but realized that I hadn't taken a break in hours. Also, my creative flow was sort of ... slow. So, I eventually ended up forcing myself to step outside and inhale the warm evening air. Luckily, here by the water, there's always a nice breeze, at least. Instantly, I felt better. 

Even though I am so thankful that, after a few months of self-employment, I have managed to build my little business and consistently work with clients, I tend to get caught up in work. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and this is exactly where I've always wanted to be (there's always room for improvement, though). However, working on your own schedule, being your own boss, means you end up putting more hours in than you would in a regular 9-5 job - at least my experience. And I have chosen this flexible work life because I want to live. 

Therefore, I have to remind myself to take breaks and step away from the laptop. Also, standing out there in our green backyard the other night (more plants, please!), I realized that the best ideas come when I am away from my desk. Funny, huh? Being in a different surrounding all of a sudden gives me fresh, new inspiration and oftentimes the answer to something I was looking for. 

So, I am reminding myself to take more breaks. Because I am literally the master of my own life. And I have chosen this work-lifestyle for a reason. Because it makes me happier - and that, on the other hand, allows me to be a better, more balanced, person for those around me. 


View from OB Wonderland Pub - always makes me appreciate my expat life here on the west coast.

View from OB Wonderland Pub - always makes me appreciate my expat life here on the west coast.

Thankful For...

...the support of my family as our little miracle (as known as Baby Bell) is growing, moving, and giving us - especially me, yay hormones - all the emotions. Even though my family is not living stateside, they play a huge part in the life of Rickey and I. Sometimes I even think that the distance brings us closer together. I cannot wait for my mom to get here in just a few months, for she will be a very valued helping hand in our new chapter as parents. 

Also, I am just so grateful for my husband Rickey, who will be an amazing dad and is making sure I am well and taken care of. I should basically thank him every day for putting up with me. ;) But really, he is just very helpful and understanding as we are on the path of creating our own little family here. Eeek!!

And of course, there's my handful of good friends, near and far, old and new ones, and also incredibly generous neighbors. (This sounds like a Grammy Awards speech: "And I also want to thank my producers, agents...blabla".) But it's so true. I have to remind myself these days that we do have wonderful people in our lives. In return, I also learned that, just because you might be related to someone by blood, you don't have to share your precious life with this person if he/she is toxic. Make a move - it sounds harsh - and focus on your life with the people that lift you up and truly understand you. You know who'll have your back and be there for you - and actually shows that they truly care - pretty quickly. 

So, thank you, to those people and if they read it, they will know who they are. I needed to get his off my chest, folks. 

How Life Plays Out

Sometimes, like a couple nights ago, I am sitting outside, watch the sun set as I sip on my lemon water (yes, I do wish it was wine - soon enough), and think about how great life is. It sounds so absolutely cheesy, I know. Yet, we tend to get caught up in our everyday routines and whatnot, that we forget to reflect upon what we really have. And I am no exception. I can complain like crazy, you have no idea, without seeing the bigger picture, oftentimes (for instance, when the new people in the vacation rental next to us are too loud, again), and realizing: "Man, you technically have nothing to complain about, Julia."

So, moments of active reflection are great. They also make me realize that things are always falling into place and happening the way they are supposed to. Because God does have a plan for each of us, whether we believe or not. So, with me taking the leap towards self-employment and then finding out my body is creating a precious little human, that is certainly something that was supposed to happen and cannot just be coincidence. Having the ability to work remotely and on a flexible schedule with clients and partners I can choose is such a gift considering the fact that motherhood will be a crazy ride that does require a lot of flexibility. But still, I have always known that I want to define myself through work, as well. So knowing that I will be able to combine both is such a wonderful thing. Gosh, am I excited for what's to come (it's not like life was boring since I moved stateside at the end of 2015, haha). 

Well, and last but not least, we cannot wait to take our little German-American son (did I mention we're having a boy? ;-) on journeys and show him what's out there - just like my parents allowed me to do, which sparked my desire to travel and explore even more. Soon, it won't just be Rickey and I going on little-big adventures in and around the U.S. (and really, having my beloved family in Germany requires at least annual traveling over the big pond), but us three (and maybe even the two dogs on top of that). 

But I'll be sure to share all that on here, my little memory and story corner that hopefully will always be a little bit of inspiration, a little bit of a cozy feel-good place for you. Just as I intend it to be. 



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