Counting My Blessings: Wedding Highlights

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I was looking through our church wedding photos this morning and that brightened my mood tremendously. When Rickey proposed back in February of 2017, my life literally changed. We have been doing everything so ... differently, I would like to say.

Coming from two different countries, having two different passports - hence, nationalities -, but having fallen for each other pretty quickly, we had to decide the route that would be the best for us and our future together.


A future together...

...carrying me around like this every day (kidding - but almost true). 

It wasn't all easy, by no means, and the stress of bureaucracy was making especially me feel very moody for a few months - until I received my U.S. permanent residency. However, the journey is not over; a second interview will follow sometime at the end of next year for my 10-year green card. But this time, I will be more relaxed (fingers crossed, I am saying that now). I would like to think that we have overcome the greatest obstacle that we had to face so early in our relationship. That, certainly, required us going a slightly different, more unconventional route. 

Two weddings, a successful green card application, many home improvement projects, another dog adopted, and baby Bell on the way later, and we certainly cannot say that life since mid-2016 has been boring for us. It's been quite the opposite. But honestly, we both wouldn't want to have it any other way because we have just grown so strong - for life. 

This Sunday morning, as I am counting my blessings, I would like to share a few wedding highlights with you from our church wedding, photo session at Balboa Park, and reception at the wonderful Bali Hai. 

Those memories will last forever and we are so glad that we made our dream of an actual church wedding come true for ourselves and did not stop at our courthouse "I Dos", so we could have a chance of creating our life together, here on U.S. soil, as a German-American couple. 

It's those "small" moments - really not small at all - that will be memories of a lifetime and, in retrospective, remind us why we do what we do and why we are where we are.  


We have so many great photos, so this is just a very brief selection. I am sure I will look at our wedding pictures quite often and might have the urge to share more. :)

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