"Big Bay Boom" - July Fourth 2018

Hello friends!

Happy Friday! I wanted to share a few impressions from our 4th of July celebration here in San Diego. The ultimate U.S. holiday. Independence Day comes with a big boom, literally. Friends and families come together, they barbecue, they hang out by the beach or the bay, and then at night, fireworks are on. 

This year, Rickey was off work, which is not always a given due to his job. We went to one of his dive buddy's house for some burgers and drinks in the afternoon. It was a pretty hot (San Diego) day. 

If that wasn't good enough for me already, he managed to snag tickets for the July Fourth festivities on the USS Midway, an old Navy ship (which is now a museum) in the downtown harbor. We went with two friends of ours and had the best time watching the fireworks from the deck of this impressive former aircraft carrier. Just something real special if you ask me. 

Traffic was crazy that day and so we were glad when we could finally set up camp while the sun was just about to set. Everyone brought chairs, drinks, snacks and blankets. 

A band was playing, there were many families with young children. They had food and other entertainment. Everyone was just having such a good time celebrating America's birthday - and independence, for that matter. 

The sunset over San Diego was beautiful that night - so clear. 

What I just love about a holiday like that stateside is the fact that it brings people together in their patriotism. They don't just celebrate their nation's independence, but their very individual freedom. 

Well, and it is strongly believed that the military plays a crucial role in preserving this liberty, both for their people and country. 

Land of the free because of the brave.

We sang along patriotic songs, chatted, laughed. 

The wonderful thing about this country is that everyone seems to be proud to be American and the national pride is immense. (Be like that in Germany and people tend to think you're a bad right-wing person. It's kind of a shame.) However, they are such an inclusive nation and that gets me excited about U.S. holidays every single time. 

There's just this feeling of unity and harmony (if only for a little while) that gives me goosebumps. 

I wandered off for a few minutes to make my way around the deck to get those last rays of sunshine on camera. It was wonderful to see how merry everyone was, just in good spirits. 

Right at 9 pm, the big show started. Fireworks went off from a number of different bases around the bay and lit up the sky. You know, I am not obsessed with them, but I have to say those were quite cool. Also, the Midway provided the very patriotic country music going with the fireworks which made it even more special. 

And you know what?

As I was standing there, looking up to the sky and seeing the fireworks go off, listening to the lyrics of the songs, holding Rickey's hand, I had a moment. I was filled with gratitude. Pure gratitude for the life I am living, for the wonderful husband - and soon-to-be-daddy - I am married to, for the opportunities this country has given me professionally, and for the fact that it has shown me that this is where I truly want to be.

Thank you, 'Merica, for being my home and letting me be my true self. 

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