An Afternoon in Hamburg, Germany

Hello everybody!

How is your week going so far?

As mentioned on my Instagram earlier this morning, I wanted to share a few impressions from our easy-breezy afternoon in lovely Hamburg with you when we were visiting Germany last month. 

Rickey and I had our bags packed already, as we were planning to stay the night at a hotel close to the airport. Our flight to Edinburgh, Scotland (here and here) should be very early the next morning. 

My parents didn't want to miss the chance to take us up to Hamburg - less than a two hour drive - and so us four went on a little roadtrip on a Monday around lunchtime. 

We decided that Rickey - only his second time in Germany's beautiful north - should definitely see the Elbphilharmonie. This architectural masterpiece and new concert venue, that turned out to be way more expensive than they initially thought, was officially opened back in 2016. 

From the top, you have a great view over Hamburg. They call this city "The Pearl of the German North". I see why every time I visit. 


Its northern charm just pulls on my heartstrings. 

Only a few years ago, I was basically telling everyone that if I were to be stuck in Germany, then Hamburg would literally be the only city I can picture myself living in. 


Well, I ended up somewhere close to the water, as well. I have definitely found my happy place with this guy in San Diego. (Yip, another moment of appreciation.) 

We wandered around on the outside viewing platform for a little bit - a nice breeze was blowing - and eventually ended up grabbing some coffee and cupcakes while chatting away.


A little later - the sun was fully out -, we joined the crowd sipping on their drinks and relaxing in the sun around the Binnenalster. Here, life is in full swing. 

As mom and dad were checking out a store, Rickey and I enjoyed a few moments to ourselves, sitting by the water. It was still such a surreal feeling having him right there on home turf with me. Did I ever think I would marry someone who lives on the far end of the U.S. - at least from the perspective of someone who's been living in Germany? Well, absolutely now. And now he was here with me, on the other side of the big pond, in a city I have been to numerous times throughout the years. 

Crazy how life goes. And beautiful. 

All four of us strolled through the city as we enjoyed the sunshine. 

Town Hall, Hamburg

As we reached the Hamburg town hall, we decided it was time for a hearty, early dinner (steak that was) before my parents would drop us off at the hotel so we could get a good night's sleep before our early morning flight to Scotland. 

A perfectly relaxed afternoon in what is probably my favorite German city. Hamburg, you're still charming as ever. 

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