Countryside Reflections, Germany

Hello friends from near and far!

I think the one thing I was most excited about when traveling back home to Germany last month was the fact that I'd be able to go for walks in the countryside. Like, literally in the woods. The peace and quiet, just the twittering of the birds, pretty much no soul around and hearing the wind rustling in the trees. Pure bliss if you ask me. 

As simple but effective as that. Effective in the sense that it helped me a lot to clear my head, think and re-think about my self-employment journey (3 months by that time), get the creative juices flowing, and, of course, dream about the end of this year when we'll be a family of three (three humans and two dogs that is).

For us, living in San Diego means being five blocks away from the beach and having a lot of entertainment options, coffee shops, restaurants at the top of our fingertips. However, it also means that we're having neighbors left and right that we can technically talk to from across the fence; we have airplanes flying over us, and there's just the general buzz of people walking along the street, cars driving by and so on. Yet, I have to say I am glad that we do have a large backyard. 

However, fact is that leaving the city behind and escaping not just home but to the actual countryside is just such a treat. I literally feel how it does my soul so good and I just need countryside - out into nature - retreats to fully recharge. This, in turn, helps me appreciate even more what we both have created in San Diego for ourselves and how thankful we can be for what we have. 

On one of our last couple days at my parents' house, Rickey and I took Rusty with us and headed to a nearby forest early in the afternoon. We let Rusty run wild and just enjoyed the smell of summer, of nature. 

I more or less secretly dream about having a modern farmhouse style home in the countryside - or a very suburban area -, with a large backyard where the dogs and future kiddos can find their natural playground. Future goals; but we'll see what our path will look like. 

Also, I want a lot of plants and flowers. No matter where we might end up. I really got into this gardening thing. Who thought I ever would? But I realized plants just make me happy. I think they have become an essential part of my feel-good-be-cozy approach. 

We strolled through the woods for a good hour before it got a little too muggy. Funny, how it was actually warmer in Germany than in San Diego. I took a lot of deep breaths and filled my lungs with this pure air. It sounds so cheesy, but being outdoors is so refreshing - for the mind, the soul, the body. 

Whenever I need a break - especially from sitting in front of the computer - and new inspiration for content, I step away from the computer and go outside. Maybe for a walk, maybe just into the backyard. And all of the sudden new ideas keep flowing. 


Ever since I lived abroad, I have learned to appreciate my home more than ever. It's always such a treat to be back on the other side of the big pond. The journey might be a pain, but it's always so worth it to go back to where my roots are and will always be. 

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