Connecting with People Through Story Sharing

Hello story lovers!

Today, I wanted to share something with you that really resonates with me. 

Conversation, sharing one's story and listening to what people from all walks of life have to tell, are powerful means to connect with others.

You know I love a good story. 

From a personal standpoint, sharing mine - as I do on this blog pretty much - has allowed me to get in touch with other people, regardless whether it be on a personal or business level.

Speaking about personal experiences is a wonderful way to get people engaged, as there will always be those who can relate to you. And others that can't, they get engaged by starting to think, to maybe even change their perspective on things. 

Personal stories matter. There's always something we can take away from them. Each and every single time. Whether it's an eye-opener, inspiration, or something thought-provoking.

Conversations are powerful. 

That's why I am a huge fan of the podcast Story Time with Ryan.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-26 um 20.58.08.png

Maybe some of you remember that a couple months back, I was invited by Ryan to chat with him about my very personal story about expat life in the U.S., my love for traveling, and my new path towards self-employment. I made it into one of his podcast episodes. Yay! (You can find our conversation on iTunes  and Soundcloud.)

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-26 um 20.58.27.png

At first, I was a little nervous - you know, the whole podcast situation and such -, but I should very quickly forget about the recording microphone when we started to very naturally chat about odds and ends that are travel and expat life related. Conversation was just flowing and it was so great to just learn more about one another. 

And that's exactly what Ryan's intention is with Story Time with Ryan: Bringing people closer together, fostering mutual understanding by having them share their stories. Because everyone has a story to tell and through every story, people get a little more connected. 

That's a beautiful thing, don't you think?

If you are interested in chatting with Ryan about your life, a specific issue or whatever it may be, reach out to him! You can catch him on Facebook @storytimewithryanInstagram @storytimewithryan and Twitter @StoryTimeWRyan.