LIVE CHAT this Wednesday: My Branding Experience

Hi everyone - 

Edit (Wed, May 9, 2018): I had such a fun time doing my Q&A with Andrea this morning; you can find the full video here:

On Wednesday at 9.30 am PST, I will be having the opportunity to speak with Andrea from The Better Business Babe who helped me make my brand - hence also this important website - beautiful. It was a lengthy process with a lot of thinking, idea-crafting, in-person and phone meetings, ups and downs on my end, but mostly a lot of excitement about having taken the leap and invested into building my little creative writing and storytelling brand: The Redhead Story. 

I am absolutely loving this new website with its features and am thrilled for what's to come. Speaking of that: The first newsletter goes out end of May. Have you signed up yet? :) Just pop in your email address on the bottom of any page or the pop-up window and be part of the wanderlust list. No spammy things, just an email once every month filled with lots of content. Try it out!

But I digress. 

Andrea and I will be chatting about my Beautifully Branded experience, where I was before and what made me decide to go this route, quit my full-time job and get self-employed as a content creator and writer. And maybe you wonder where I am at now, personally and professionally - all that on Wednesday morning on Facebook Live, on The Better Business Babe Forum.

Tune in!

I am by no means an expert on things and being self-employed comes with new struggles. But I learned a lot along the way, followed my heart, and made an essentially big step happen for myself. Join the conversation, Wednesday morning, 9.30 am PST @ The Better Business Babe Forum on Facebook

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