Out on Sea: Searching for Whales, San Diego

Hi there!

And happy hump day! Half way through the week. Goes by like a breeze, doesn't it?


But, let's get back to today's topic. All aboard! Are you ready?

When my parents were still in town but all the other wedding guests had left, we wanted to do something special for my mom and dad's last day. Since I'd never gone whale watching before - neither have they -, I searched on Groupon for a good deal and ... taddaa ... we were booked for a Sunday tour. (If I recall correctly, we paid $25 per person.) 

I didn't really know what to expect, nor was I really sure how my stomach would deal with it, as we would be out on the open water. 

The weather was beautiful, a chilly breeze was blowing on the ship. We left San Diego harbor, downtown, behind, and slowly made our way through the bay towards the open sea. 

It got quite rocky pretty quickly and I popped another dramamine to help with that uneasy feeling in my stomach. My mom did the same. My dad and Rickey, both being accustomed to being on boats and used to rocky conditions, took it with a smile. 

We passed by the sea lions and listened to the young woman who should help us spot any potential whale (movement) as we were going. I couldn't imagine seeing an actual whale. I had no idea how close we could get or how big these animals would actually be. It was all a big surprise. 

We didn't have to wait that long until everyone, it seemed, was running towards the front of the ship to witness what our guide called "a blow". (I swear, I cannot hear this word anymore.) We saw part of the whale's back before it disappeared in the deep ocean again. 

What you can see in the photos is pretty much as close as we got and all we got to see. I was slightly disappointed, to be honest. As I mentioned: I wasn't really sure what to expect but this seemed a tad bit boring to me. (Another dramamine, please.)

But, on a positive note: It was lovely having my parents and Rickey with me and the fact that the weather was so great. It really was a wonderful last day. 

What I personally was most excited about were the dolphins that emerged next to the ship and decided to swim with us for a little while. They are fast. And just so cute. I adore dolphins and I don't think I've ever seen them this close before, so the tour already was a win in that regard. 

Not really in the whale compartment. 

Another "blow". And another one. 

To my surprise, time went by pretty quickly. We were out for about 2 and a half hours before we saw San Diego bay again. Thank God, the water got a little calmer. I would not be the ideal sailor. 

The sun was starting to set and tinted the shore in the most beautiful light. 

Eventually, we docked. My knees were a little wobbly but I was happy that we all had a good time. 

If I'd go on a whale watching tour again? I ticked it off my San Diego bucket list for now, let's leave it at that.

How about a dolphin watching tour? I'd be down for that. 

Have you been on a whale watching tour before? Thoughts?

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