How I Create An At-Home Workspace for More Focus & Productivity

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday!

A little bit of a different post today, after we headed from mountains to the desert the past few days. I hope you enjoyed the posts, there are more travel related ones to come. 

Today I wanted to talk about something a little more different. I have been working from home for a few months now and it certainly has its perks. However, I need to be organized to actually be productive, because with the dogs, my husband (who works evenings, but I am a morning person), and other little things around that can be pretty distracting, I quickly figured that I needed to organize my workspace so I could maximize my focus and productivity. 

Maybe some of you have been there or find themselves in the same situation? 


In the following, I wanted to share a few personal hacks how I am creating a workspace that allows me to be more productive and keep my mind focused: 

Planning My Day the Evening Before

I have come to realize that I get in the right mindset and don't waste too much time in the mornings when I have the three most important things for the day written down on my to-do list already. Plus, visualizing and ticking items off the list is a pretty great feeling of accomplishment. 

Eliminating Clutter on My Desk

Clutter, urgh! It gives me sweaty hands (maybe I have a problem). But for real: I hate clutter. It distracts me, it's unnecessary, it makes me feel uneasy and it prevents my mind from focusing on what I actually need to do. So, I try to keep my desk as tidy and basic as possible. 

Putting "Normal" Clothes On

Yes, working in your PJs here and there is nice and I do it occasionally. However, when I get up around the same time and find some sort of routine for myself, then I am way more productive. Putting "real" clothes on helps me get into work mode. 

Lighting a Candle

I have a candle on my desk (one of the necessities). Not only does it smell good, but it helps me ground and focus. 

Putting Music On

I get things done quicker and more focused when I have a little bit of background music instead of working in complete silence (and let's face it: there's never such thing as complete silence, just noises that can distract). It's usually classic guitar sounds, some acoustic, or piano if I feel like it. It serves as my white noise if you will. 

Setting Times for a Break

This also helps with structuring my day: having actual times for when I take breaks. 

Only Having the Taps Open That I Need

I tend to do several things at the same time, but that usually doesn't work in my favor (so not productive). Hence, I only try to keep those taps on my laptop open that I really need to finish one thing at a time. 


So, yes, that's what I figured out for myself and what really helps my work-from-home attitude. 

However, some days, I play it by ear, so if I really do not feel like I can achieve much at home, I love to check out a new coffee shop (and there's many here in San Diego). Time then usually flies and I get a lot done. I just love the coffee shop vibes for creative work and it's so good for my writing flow. 

Have a great weekend and let me know:

Do you have any more tips on how to create a productive at-home workspace?