Active in the Desert: Phoenix, AZ

Good morning, friends!

As promised, it's time for a new post. Today, I am sharing a little more from our trip to Phoenix, AZ back in February. I have mentioned it several times and those of you who follow along know that the desert vibes have sparked a fire inside me.

I just enjoy coming back for a long weekend and have a serious change of scenery. Of course, it gets really hot in the summer, so late fall and winter are the best times to go out there and enjoy temperatures roughly in the upper 60s and 70s. The nights even get cold. It's perfect for wandering around outside and soaking in the incredible desert views (cacti that is ;-) ). 


We arrived in the evening. After we checked into our hotel, we were chasing the sunset (I have blogged about it here). 

The next day, we felt all refreshed from a good night's sleep and we headed out for a hike in the South Mountain area. When we arrived at the trail head, it was already warmer than expected but still bearable.

It was about a thirty minute drive from where we were staying and the sun tinted the deserty landscape in beautifully golden light. 

I couldn't get over the lovely landscape; right out of a western movie. It gets me excited every single time.

As we made our way through the desert, we heard coyotes howl. I was absolutely shocked to hear them so close. In fact, I'd never heard them howl in real life before. So, that was cool, I thought. 

We were probably out for a good two hours or so, with the dogs doing super well, before we decided it was time to go back as the sun was peaking and our water supplies getting low. However, we could not resist going up to the top of the mountain to see the view. But, spoiler alert, we drove up. 

Yeah, hiking all the way up would have been a different story. 

Yeah, hiking all the way up would have been a different story. 

I haven't quite figured out yet what it is that makes my heart beat faster when seeing those views. It's just so funny as I always thought I would not be one to like places like Arizona or New Mexico, due to the climate and lack of green. Granted, it might even rain more there than in San Diego and it seems that the city is greener and there are more blooming plants. But I can be mistaken. It's also so odd because I am not a fan of extreme heat; summer in AZ is best spent in an air-conditioned room. But, there's gotta be something about it that makes me super excited every time we go, but that I can't quite put in words yet. Is it the peace and quiet? Might be part of it. I'll let you know once I can express why I like Phoenix and its surrounding areas so much. 

The rest of the day was spent walking around vibrant Scottsdale (so clean I noticed), and hanging out at our friends' house, which was very relaxing; always great to catch up. We finished off the day with pasta and chilled white wine. 

The next day - it was Sunday - we woke up relatively early to hit Prima Canyon trail. 

It was super nice as there were barely any people out and so it felt as if we were the only ones wandering through deserty terrain. 

Unfortunately, it was time to head back west already but not before we stopped for a coffee at famous Dutch Brothers. We soaked in the views as we left Phoenix behind. 

Until next time, Phoenix. It's always a treat. 

Are you a in the mountains, desert, or by the ocean person?