Golden Hour in Phoenix, AZ

Hi friends!

Back in February, when the wedding hype was over, friends and family were Germany bound again, Rickey and I took the dogs, grabbed our bags, and headed east for one of our favorite things to do: visit Phoenix. 


Rickey had lived there for a few years and has family/friends there that we both like to hang out with. Plus, he got me hooked on the desert and the more often we go (preferably in the winter months, as it's super nice then), the more hooked I get (that is possible!?). 

Since it's about 5 and a half hours to get there, we usually try to make sure that we have at least two nights out there, to make it worth our time. 

So, we left around lunch time and embarked on the pretty ride out. It always fascinates me how the scenery changes. 

We arrived in the early evening and checked into our hotel. The dogs needed to get out, however, and we wanted to move around a little, as well, after sitting in the truck for an extended amount of time. 

The sun was just starting to set (and since I am a sucker for especially desert sunsets, we pretty much raced to the Phoenix Botanical Garden area to climb on some rocks and catch the fireball disappear behind the city skyline). Our little race against time was so worth it. 

And then the sun was giving us a real show. 

I couldn't get over how perfectly pink (cotton candy!) the desert appeared as the sun was showing off for the grand finale. I will never get tired of spectacular sunsets in spectacular settings. 

Not wanting to risk being locked into the park for the night, with little scorpions, we walked back in the last light of the day and stopped for take-out pizza on the way home, which we then happily munched on while laying on the couch - before falling into a deep sleep. 

Ay, Phoenix. You're quite a gem.