Searching for the Old Wild West, Pioneertown

Hello friends! 

I finally got around and whipped up this mini blog post about Pioneertown (have you heard about it?), where I headed to with my friend Chelsea a few weeks ago. Sorry, I have been so busy with odds and ends, but I really needed to take the time to share my first impressions of this little town in the desert with y'all. It's super cute!


We left on a Monday morning. It was about a two and a half hour drive from San Diego. Since Chels had to leave early Wednesday morning, we drove separately, which means I had to take my little nugget (aka 2008 smart car) into the desert. Fun! It even survived. Surprise! (I wasn't so sure at first because I had to take it offroading for quite some ways. But more about that in part II.)

The weather was great, it was warm, and my little Pancho was riding in the passenger seat. My smart car was flying over the freeway as I was trying to keep up with Chelsea (who drove the big GMC, so ya, nugget needed to drive a little faster, or so it felt like.)

Our first stop (not counting the pit stop at the gas station somewhere in the middle of nowhere) should be Pioneertown. It's a historical town that was only incorporated in 1946 (so really just gives you this old western feel, but hasn't been around during the actual 1800's). And even less romantic: Investors from Hollywood had this little town built, which has served as a film set since. 

And still: We wanted to see it. It's a little bit of a hidden gem and we kind of stumbled upon it. We were looking for a two-day quiet getaway to relax and work - Chels calls it a workation - and hence, shopped around for Airbnbs in desert location (such suckers for it). Voilà, this came up. 

We arrived in Pioneertown on our way to Gamma Gulch (another 20 minutes or so, super remote) and strolled around, took photos, and got inspired.

Have a look around!


We took our time and when we got hungry, headed down the road to the little Frontier Café (that gave me food poisoning later, because I forgot I cannot stomach chickpeas that were in my hummus, but that's another story). 

Then, we were on our way to the remote cabin we had rented. I was excited. A little bit of an offroad adventure with my smart care began. Joys of traveling by car. Stay tuned! Part II will be up soon. 

Have you heard of or been to Pioneertown? Do you like the desert (wild west) vibes?