Welcome to the New Site!

Hi everyone!

I am literally so excited to be writing to you from this very new cozy corner of mine. 


Ready to wander?

Grab a hot beverage and get cozy; story time is about to begin! 

Did you have a chance to check it out yet? Do you like it?

I dearly hope so, as I am so, so happy with the results and all the financial and emotional investment in creating not just this website but the actual brand The Redhead Story. In my opinion, it has paid off, big time, and I am very much looking forward to getting settled into this new little space - my space - on the internet. 

So, what's new? Besides a whole new design and feel, I am so thrilled about the interactive destinations map. This hopefully makes it easier for you to find posts that are about a specific destination. 

But, please note that there are, unfortunately, still a lot of posts that are missing all the images. They usually have one, which I manually inserted, but many posts live on the photos from a trip. Those, for whatever reason, did not import when migrating the blog to the new host. Sooo, going through all of them again (did it once to tag and categorize all posts - bliss, haha) in a little bit and adding all the photos. 

What else is new? 

You find different categories on the blog that allow you to filter the posts and read about what you might be most interested in - Moments, Personal, Healthy Living, Outdoors ... and more. 

Also, I spent a lot of time outlining what services The Redhead Story will offer. Having looked at my old site (non-existent anymore), I realized that it wasn't really clear what exactly I - as the writer and storyteller behind The Redhead Story - actually offer. But this should be crystal clear now. Ha! It was also a good reflection process for me. So, if you are interested in working with me, check out this page and shoot me a message here. Of course, I know that sometimes, you brainstorm about a collaboration idea and it goes beyond what I have specified on here - and that's totally cool. It's the beauty of a creative content creation business. Right? So, let's see how we can possibly collaborate

A big part of The Redhead Story, besides travel and wellness/healthy living centered content creation for others, will always be the blog. My baby. Born about 4 and a half years ago, when I first moved to London, UK, to embrace the expat life as I began my master's degree for a year. I filled these pages with stories, personal reflections on life, growth, and traveling, and have never regretted it. 

Fun fact (and also one of the big reasons why I am so glad I started a blog): I get all these feelings I had in the past - like traveling back in time - when I read old posts. That, I had to do when I manually went through each and every single one of them to tag and categorize a few weeks ago. It brings back so many wonderful memories and reminds me just how far I've come. 

Now, it's a little storytelling business I am proud of and am looking forward to bringing even further in the future. 

Thanks to The Better Business Babe for working with me tirelessly in these past few months to bring my visions to life. Always forward - and never back. 

Welcome to the new site! :)