A Special Christmas

Hello everyone!

Are you feeling the holiday spirit? Is the fact that Christmas is pretty much here getting you all excited? Or are you not so much about all the festivities, let alone the reason why we are actually celebrating this holiday?

Okay, enough questions. No matter how you are feeling about Christmas, I, for one, can say that it’s a very special one for my husband and I this year - because there’s a little one thrown in the mix!

When I decorated our tree a few weeks back, I was thinking how very different this holiday is this year. And there are two reasons for it: It’s the first Christmas we celebrate with my parents being oversees in three years; we have a seven-week old in our arms and he is the greatest gift.

The weeks leading up to Christmas were, however, not filled with as much reflection as I would have liked and that’s mainly because being a new mother and having been back to work for a little while requires real time management. So I was trying to juggle two main things and the days just flew by.

But I am grateful for all that - the joyful and exhausting moments all together.

We received this lovely ornament from our dear friends who also have a little boy. I got a wee bit emotional when I hung it up on the tree.

If someone had told me three years ago that I would end up being married and having a little precious son by the time my fourth Christmas in the US rolls around, I would have totally laughed.

Funny, what life has in store and I think it’s a pre-paved path for each of us in a way. We just walk it and can maybe control the very next step, if at all. But in the grand scheme of things, our way is already pre-determined. Just how we walk it is something we can influence slightly; yet the route is set.

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity to think about where you have started and where you are now. I tend to get nostalgic towards the end of a year and look back on the past twelve month in awe.

Since I set foot on US ground in December of 2015, each year brought something rather big for me. Meeting my now-husband, the surprise proposal, getting married (for the first time), the process of applying for permanent residency and officially receiving it seven months later, planning our bigger church wedding, saying our I Do’s dressed in white, finding out we’re going to be boy parents, taking the leap of faith and embark on the journey of self-employment as a creative content creator - and now being a new mother. It’s mind-blowing.

Crazy to think how the time has flown by; how I have changed; yet I have not. I am still the same Julia that I was before but I have also grown in so many ways that I wanted to. Life has thrown curveballs at me but looking at the big picture, I consider myself very lucky with the route that I am going - the chapter I am writing for myself, but the story that is somewhat drafted already.

Merry Christmas, everyone! May it be a peaceful holiday for you.

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