11 Favorite Things About Fall


“There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!” (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

There is something magical, utterly cozy and warm about autumn. It’s those last few days of golden summer in which the air changes, becomes more crisp and the world surrounding you shines more golden than ever. 

I can hardly describe the feeling I get once fall is in the air. It can be those wonderful, colorful and sunny days perfect for long walks in the park or in the woods or, on the other hand, it can be a rather grey, rainy day you would prefer spending inside, in bed, with a good book and tea (don’t forget lighting candles!) or alternatively any other hot beverage. 

Whatever face autumn decides to show me, I like both of them a lot. Maybe it’s because of the color of my hair that I am such a fan of this season (just kidding)?

Anyway, here is my top 11 of things I particularly like about fall season

Rainy mornings

Believe it or not, this is on top of my list for as I am writing this, it is literally pouring outside. However, this makes getting up quite early in the morning even better! A feeling of coziness arises when I wake up in the morning about 2 hours before I have to actually get ready for work. I get a cup of coffee, grab my laptop and snuggle up in bed while I listen to the rain outside. Bliss. Exactly this - right now. 

Hot bath

It is time to light some candles, get my cuddle playlist on, dim the light and hop in the the bath tub. The rest is relaxation. Naturally. The feeling is just not right in summer but autumn is back, and so a hot bath gets legitimate again. 

Crips air

The air is getting significantly cooler and crisper. This certain smell lets a feeling of happiness arise. Is it just me? Rather most, fresh air mixed with the smell of leaves and wet grass. Can you smell it?

Layers + jumpers

I am huge fan of fall mainly because of the clothes I can wear. As for the colors, shades of brown, yellow and orange are perfect. I can layer it up again, get my jumpers out and get my coziness as well as comfort level on.


I have a thing for boots. Preferably dark brown or blag ones with skinny, ripped jeans. I can’t wait to actually head home for the weekend, trade my summer clothes for the more cozy ones and get my boots out so I can head into the woods for a refreshing walk. It’s the simple things in life.

Hot choc + tea (any chai!)

Whenever it gets cooler outside, i either crave fruit tea (or the British way: black tea with milk) or chai latte OR hot chocolate. This season is all about the hot beverages that add to a wonderful lazy day - or simply some ME time.


I am a book person. However, I don’t read that much in the summer. Autumn is the perfect season. Oftentimes, it’s raining, it’s getting dark earlier and sometimes you just feel lazy. A good book, anyone? I am currently reading Another Country - Short Stories from New Zealand. Nothing is better than imaginary travel (well, real travel I might still prefer) on a grim day. 

Sweet melancholy

On the one hand, the thought and smell of autumn makes me happy, on the other hand, it gets dark out way earlier, which means this feeling of melancholy arises easier. But once this is overcoming me, I try to see it in a positive manner, accept it and make it my sweet melancholy. There’s something beautiful about it.


Autumn makes me creative. Maybe it’s because the world - for a little bit - is so colorful. Autumn entails change and change is movement. Movement then means different shades of color…and so on. I am as creative as never before. Fall is my source of creativity.

Time to reflect

Whether you decide to take the dog out (or just yourself) to clear your head or shamelessly spend the whole weekend on the couch, snuggled up in a blanked watching your favorite series - fall allows. Remember, it’s the season of warmth and coziness (it’s not just me, right?).

Caramel + apple everything

Come on, who doesn’t love it (I know I probably shouldn’t generalize but still)? Caramel apples, apple pie - yum, yum! Go shamelessly at it! ‘Tis the season.

Are you a fall person? What do you like most about it? Where is your favorite place / destination this special season?

Share your thoughts below!

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