Adventures on the Horizon

I hope this new year started off well for you all. What have you been up to? Are you sticking to your goals, resolutions, visions - whatever your might personally call it? Or maybe you’re just going with the flow? Actually, nothing wrong with that, either.

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A Special Christmas

Are you feeling the holiday spirit? Is the fact that Christmas is pretty much here getting you all excited? Or are you not so much about all the festivities, let alone the reason why we are actually celebrating this holiday? Okay, enough questions. No matter how you are feeling about Christmas…

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Tiny Human Bubble

Maybe you have wondered why it’s been so awfully quiet over here. Let me tell you - there’s a good reason for it. We are currently living in the newborn bubble and our tiny human, the newest family addition….

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Season of Change

Are you all in fall mode yet? Or maybe I should ask: Are you as crazy about this leafy season as a lot of people are? I have to say that I am a fall person through and through. But also for the deeper meaning behind it.

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Countryside Reflections, Germany

I think the one thing I was most excited about when traveling back home to Germany last month was the fact that I'd be able to go for walks in the countryside. Like, literally in the woods. The peace and quiet just the twittering of the birds, pretty much no soul around and hearing the wind rustling in the trees.

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