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Hi. Guten Tag. Ciao. Julia Bell here, founder and writer of The Redhead Story.

Born and raised in Northern Germany, my journey landed me here in Southern California. Now, as a San Diego travel writer and blogger, I am devoted to exploring nature, visiting new cities - and curling up with a good book in the evening after!

My most important mission: Inspiring others to travel, so they can find more growth, joy and balance in life.

Like most travels, it’s been a windy path. Here’s how this Crossfit-loving, nature-obsessed ginger got here.



from german native to travel writer in san diego

Growing up in Europe, I always had a love for language - especially English. It’s what led me to study abroad at age 16 in central New York. My time in the States was the time of my life. Then, upon my return home, I experienced an intense, reverse culture shock.

I’d learned how much more there was to this world. It sparked my fire for travel and new experiences, which has continued ever since.


Education furthered my travel bug. While working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Germany for Political Science and American Studies, I continually hopped back to my previous host family in New York. Then, London drew me in for my Masters in Political Communication. While in the heart of the UK, I traversed Scotland, England and Ireland.

With these red locks, I fit right in.

It was my UK travels that launched this blog: The Redhead Story.

Fueled by a love of writing and need for a creative outlet, I began travel blogging to share my experiences. As I poured in more energy, my skills and tools improved - like upgrading camera types and image styles. But that’s the beauty of life; both then and now, there’s always still so much room to grow.

After graduation from my Masters, the next chapter was a mystery.


how a job landed me as a travel blogger in california


I returned to Germany and, shortly after, began work at the German American Chamber of Commerce California. Working in their Cultural Exchange program was the melding of my life thus far : Bilingual language skills, international collaborations and, specifically, working with United States, a place so dear to my heart.

Then, THE opportunity came: The chance to continue as a part of the organization in sunny San Diego.

It was an immediate yes.


how san diego travel writing has empowered a balanced, healthy lifestyle

Ever since, I have relished my work, America’s Finest City and pursuing my travel writing.

Throughout my time in the UK, Germany and the States since, I’ve written for a variety of outlets, collaborating with various publications to create content that helps readers to truly experience a place.

Because traveling isn’t just about seeing a site. Traveling:

  • Expands your mind.

  • Is a process of personal growth.

  • Is my favorite way to achieve a balanced life.

With slow travel that is: Diving into one city or area for longer periods of time. Even if very active, it lets us slow down and gain appreciation for our surroundings.

Whether exploring the Arizona desert, hiking in Yosemite or walking small towns in England, I also believe travel is the best way to internal reflection. Especially the more we can get outdoors. The chance to walk. To hike. To ride through a city by bicycle.

I’m passionate about seeing the world up close. Not from a car window.



My Travel Writing in California, United States, UK & Beyond


As a California travel writer who loves to explore the world, I run this blog and work with publications to create articles and blogs that entice readers’ wanderlust. To get them excited about traveling and all is has to offer them with a personal, unique twist.

So, travel writer wanted?

I’d love to chat. If you’re interested in collaborating, hit me up at my Contact Page.