Hey Wanderluster,

It’s wonderful to have you in my cozy corner of the internet: The Redhead Story. This is your hub for learning about new cultures, places and adventures. It stemmed from my desire to reflect on and share my personal story, one step at a time. 

Now, it has a deeper purpose: To inspire incredible change, freedom and balance in your life. Because that’s what travel does. It launches us into situations and challenges that grow us for the better. 

That’s why I created this platform. So that I, German-native and San Diego, California-resident, Julia Bell, can be a resource for you, travel wanderlusters, through authentic blogs + travel guides, as well as be a partner for travel outlets to craft specific, reader-centric content for your followers. 


my travel writing story + philosophy

Photography by The Better Business Babe

Photography by The Better Business Babe

As a German-born, now-California travel writer, I have lived, studied and worked in a variety of countries. Surrounded by diverse cultures and languages growing up, I always felt a calling to explore the world. 

From studying abroad at age 16 in New York to earning my masters in London, England (where I traversed the UK), I’ve found that travel:

  • Is a powerful means to self-reflection
  • Helps us transform mentally and spiritually 
  • Enables a sense of balance in our daily lives
  • And far beyond 

Ultimately, travel shows us how life is full of choices - and, among them, that we are able to choose happiness.

This is why I’m a travel writer passionate about going “slow”.

Slow travel does not mean vacations on the couch. (Not that I don’t love a nice evening of tea and movies!) Rather, slow travel lets us dive into one culture or place and truly soak it up. It lets us understand the variety of spice in the world - even in our own neighborhoods. Whether it’s hiking Colorado or walking Canterbury, England.  



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